About us

Greenland Immo S.R.L. : Real Estate Expert in Las Terrenas

Greenland Immo S.R.L. Real Estate is a professionally run company with over 20 years of experience in the South of France and 20 years in Las Terrenas. Real Estate agency Greenland Immo S.R.L. brings many benefits to its clients due to its vast knowledge in the local market and current Dominican Republic legislation.

Sales in Complete Safety

Real Estate Greenland Immo S.R.L. holds all necessary legal documentation for all properties it offers for sale, for plots, houses and apartments. This includes all paperwork concerning surveying of properties. The company works in collaboration with the top law firms that have the most prestigious reputations in the Dominican Republic. This insures that they may guarantee safe investments for all its clients.

Personalized Rental and Quality Services

For clients interested in rentals, Greenland Immo is managing various apartments and villas and guarantees that they find the product to suit each of its clients needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us to consult our properties list for rent.