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Progress on the Fishermen’s Village in Las Terrenas

Posted by GrindleyImmo on 4 July 2024


The Fishermen’s Village in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic, is undergoing a major transformation thanks to recent reconstruction and improvement work. This emblematic location, known for its picturesque charm and lively atmosphere, is preparing to welcome residents and visitors in an even more attractive and functional setting.

Construction progress

1. The historic buildings of the Fishermen’s Village have been rebuilt while preserving their character. New electrical and sanitary installations have been installed to enhance occupant comfort and safety.
2. Landscaping A significant effort has been made to beautify public spaces. New gardens, green spaces and relaxation areas have been created to offer visitors places to stroll and relax. The installation of benches and public lighting also contributes to making the village more welcoming.
3. Modernization of shops and restaurants The village’s shops and restaurants have been modernized to meet contemporary standards while retaining their traditional charm.

4. Transport infrastructure and accessibility To improve access to the village, the road and footpaths have been upgraded. Parking lots were built nearby to facilitate visitor parking. Accessibility for people with reduced mobility was also a priority in these works.

Impact on the local community

The work has not only improved the aesthetics and functionality of the Fishermen’s Village, it has also stimulated the local economy. Many jobs were created during the construction phase, and the expected increase in tourism should support local businesses in the long term.

Next steps

Work is currently in its final phase, with an official opening scheduled for the coming tourist season. Inaugural events and cultural activities are being planned to celebrate the rebirth of the Fishermen’s Village.




All in all, Las Terrenas Fishermen’s Village is becoming a major attraction once again, combining its historic charm with modern facilities to the delight of residents and visitors alike.

Photo credit : Juan Lopez Spratt

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